USA Management isn’t just about swimming facilities and aquatic complexes; our company is big into beach safety, too.

Water Safety

Beach Safety Sign

Beaches can be extremely difficult and risky venues to manage.  And, if you have a pool facility in a nearby beach area, the risk can double – maybe even quadruple – so you need to ensure that the individuals managing your facilities are well equipped with the knowledge and expertise needed to handle their respective jobs.

Swimming Safety Tips

Swimming Safety Tips

Beach Safety

Pools and beaches have a whole lot of difference between them.  However, the basic safety rules are practically the same.  Swimming in areas where there are no lifeguards patrolling a beach is definitely a huge risk and is something that must never be done by anyone.  Aside from swimming only in designated areas, here are a few beach safety tips that operators like to remind everyone when using their facilities:

  1. Never swim when you are not 100% sober
  2. Never swim alone
  3. Never swim too far away that you lose energy to swim back to shore
  4. Young children and inexperienced swimmers must always wear US Coast Guard approved life jackets in and around the water; other types of flotation devices should not be allowed unless the person knows how to swim
  5. Protect your neck and never dive head first
  6. Know the depth and other obstructions in the area before going diving; go in feet first if it is your first time
  7. Be extremely careful when in water; people can easily lose their footing due to strong waves even in shallow areas
  8. As much as possible, stay out of patches of plants and leave marine life alone
  9. If caught in a rip current, stay calm and do not fight the current
  10. If you can, swim parallel to the shore until you are able to get out of the current; then make your way to the shore
  11. If you do not have the energy to swim ashore, draw attention to yourself and wave your hands or call for help
  12. Always check the weather and other conditions before entering the water
Safety In The Water

Beach Safety Color Chart

Finding the Best Person for the Job

When at the beach, we know how important lifeguards and facility staff are in keeping the safety of people within the premises.  We always make sure that our beach team members have the necessary knowledge, experience and training needed to ensure everyone’s safety in and around the water, especially during emergency situations.