Swimming Pool Games & Events for Kids!

USA Management call this our “FUN PAK”

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Ready to have FUN!

USA Management is filled with KID’S activities. We understand that, by in large, we are in the “KIDS” business! 

We at USA Management call this our “FUN PAK”.  Here are just a few examples of exciting swimming pool games & activities we have been doing for years.

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Family Fun

Family Day:

It’s time to bring out the BIG TOP!

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Suggestions of some swimming pool games:

  • MOONWALK – A giant bubble of air for children 12 and under to enjoy.
  • DUNK TANK – Safe and colorful pool of water in which friends and family can enjoy
  • NINE HOLE GOLF – Miniature golf course with 9 holes to test your skill.
  • DJ SYSTEM – Music and announcements throughout your event.
  • BEACH BALL RALLY – Cool off in the pool as you rally the ball over the net.
  • WATER BALLOON TOSS -Test your throwing and tossing skills with a water balloon.
  • BASEBALL SPEED PITCHING – How fast can you pitch a baseball?
  • WATER WARS – Care to get wet? Have water wars with your friends.
  • BALLOON TYPHOON – Inflatable system stuffed with air balloons.
  • SPORTS BONANZA MEDALS – A total of six medals to be rewarded to participants in the BEACH BALL RELAY, WATER BALLOON TOSS, and other RELAY RACES.
  • SPEED PITCH PRIZES – The top contestants receive great gifts and prizes.
  • SHOOT TO WIN – Race the clock in an arcade-style basketball shot out.
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Swimming Pool Games & kidsday

Kid’s Day:

Water Safety For Kids

Kids Activities

Parents…..Need a Break?

USA’s “Kid’s Day” program is a 1 day out of the week, 6 week summer program where USA’s activity directors lets you (the parents) relax and get away.  We believe that creative play is a vehicle to explore and learn while connecting with others.  Our activity directors will provide a structured environment in which your kids can be creative with arts and crafts, swimming pool games and aquatic related activities. Your kids will be assured to have a great time.

There is a special theme each week for your kid’s entertainment. These themes reflect the activities for that day. USA will provide a light snack and drink each week for the kid’s enjoyment. So get ready and take that Mother’s Morning Out with our Kid’s Day program.

Summer schedule;

  • Beach Day – Wednesday (1st week)
  • Parents Day – Wednesday (2nd week)
  • 4th of July Day – Wednesday (3rd week)
  • Fiesta Day – Wednesday (4th week)
  • Game Day – Wednesday (5th week)
  • Christmas in July – Wednesday (6th week)
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Crayons to add color to life

Coloring Contest:

Kid’s… go get your crayons, markers, and colored pencils ready because it is time to win some Wonderful Prizes!  Just download, print and color your entry form below from our website.  Picture links are listed below with your age group.  Please email your completed entry form to coloringcontest@usamanagement.com  All entries are due by the 10th of each month.  Winners will be announced and notified by the 25th of each month.

It’s that easy!

3 different pictures to color; 1 for each age group

Swimming Pool Management

USA’s Splash

All entries must be submitted to USA Management’s corporate email address provided above.  All entries are due no later than the 10th of each month.(Participating months are June, July, and August)  Selection of winners will be done by the 25th of the month. (June, July, August)  Winners will be announced and notified by email.  Winning entries will be sent to your facility to be posted.  USA Management’s shall also post the winners on our company’s “splash page”.  Winners will receive a special prize and a letter of recognition.

Jellybean Guessing Contest:

How Many Jellybeans

Jar of Jellybeans

Hey Kid’s!  Would you like to get revenge on your lifeguards?  How would you like to throw a messy whip cream pie in their face?

Pie In The Face For Pool Games

Pie in the Face

You will get your chance over the 4th of July weekend, because we give you, your best guess of how many jellybeans are in the jar? The 3 closest guesses to the correct number of jellybeans in the jar will WIN. Your lifeguards and you are going to have a blast.



Sidewalk Chalk:

Drawing fun

Sidewalk Chalk

  • Tic-Tac-Throw – Take on this simple classic game of X’s and O’s.
  • Hopscotch is a traditional chalk game, but do you remember how to play? 
  • Family Portrait – Personalize your facilities deck with portraits painted by your pint-sized Picasso.
  • Five-Square – Traditionally played using five city-sidewalk squares, USA’s version can be played and enjoyed by all.
  • Shadow Capture – Here’s an easy art experiment that helps kids build hand-eye coordination while learning about the sun and shadows. Use colorful chalk to outline the shadow of an object–your favorite friend, a bike, or a favorite aquatic toy-then color in the outlines with your child. Sun changes you have a shadow!
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Whats playing at your community pool tonight?

Dive-In Movies:

USA Management brings Hollywood straight to your aquatic facility with “Dive in Movies” throughout the summer.  Wouldn’t you like to come to your facility and enjoy some fresh popcorn and a coke with a smile?  Well then, Reserve your movie today!  You can watch the movie from your pool deck or lawn or you can rent an inner tube and watch the movie from the water.  Note: Inner tube rental are by reservation.

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This could be your facility.