Aquatic Customer Service

Resort Management Services

Second only to safety is the USA white glove aquatic customer service experience.  We strive to make every guest feel welcomed and attended too.  During our Team Member training we coach these very important customer service steps:

  • USA knows who the boss is: We are in business to service customer needs, and we can only do that if we know what our customer wants. When we truly listen to our customers, they let us know what they want and how we can provide better service. We never forget that the customer pays our salary and makes our jobs possible.
  • USA is a good listener: We take the time to identify customer needs by asking questions and concentrating on what our customer is really saying. We listen to their words, tone of voice, body language, and most importantly, we want to know how they feel. We try to be aware of making assumptions.
  • USA identifies and anticipates needs: We know our customers don’t buy products or services. They buy good feelings and solutions to problems. Most customer needs are emotional rather than logical. The more we know our customers, the better we become at anticipating their needs. We communicate regularly so that you are aware of problems or upcoming needs.
  • USA makes our customers feel important and appreciated: We treat them as individuals. We use their name and we try to find ways to compliment them, by being sincere. We know that people value sincerity. It creates good feelings and trust. We like to “Thank” our customers every time we get a chance.
  • USA tries to help our customers understand our systems: Our organization has some of the best and time tested systems for getting things done, but if our customers don’t understand them, they get confused, impatient and angry. We take time to explain how your systems work and how they will simplify transactions.
  • USA appreciates the power of “Yes”: We always look for ways to help our customers. When our customers have a request (as long as it is reasonable) we tell them that we can do it. We work really hard to always do what we say we will do.
  • USA works on how to apologize: When something goes wrong, sincerely apologize. It’s not always easy but our customers deserve it. Our customers may not always be right, but we understand that our customer must win and be served. We try to deal with problems immediately and let our customers know what we have done. We try to make it simple for complaints. We will value the complaint and it gives us an opportunity to improve. Even if our customer is having a bad day, we try to go out of our way to make them feel comfortable.
  • USA works on getting regular feedback: We encourage and welcome suggestions about how we can improve our services.
  • USA treats our entire Team well: Our staffs are our internal customers and we regular recognize and appreciate them. We thank them and provide ways to let them know just how important they truly are. We treat our people with respect and trust that this level of respect will translate into a higher regard for customer care. We know that appreciation starts at the top. Treating customers and our people well is equally important to USA.