Building a new commercial pool construction project?

Renovating your existing commercial pool facility?

Quality Management

USA construction management services are deeply involved with various aspects of building a commercial pool construction project. Being a reliable pool construction company, We set schedules, keep an eye on the budget, make sure workers are where they are supposed to be doing what they are supposed to be doing, ensure there are no safety hazards and in general, keep everyone happy.  Our clients hire us to lead and oversee a variety of projects from start to finish.  These jobs range from small remodeling or renovation jobs to large commercial structures, such as pools, lazy rivers, water attractions/features and aquatic facility buildings.

Commercial Pool Service

Your Facility, Your Vision

We generally help our clients with the initial planning of a project, as well as the design and build of the job.  There are several specific tasks that USA Construction performs with our commercial pool construction services; project management planning, cost management, quality management, contract administration and safety management.

Project Management Planning

The initial stage of laying out a plan for the entire project, including the various jobs that need to be done, materials required and a timeline to be completed.

Cost Management

We constantly keep tabs on costs, making adjustments if unexpected issues or complications arise.

Quality Management

Projects often involve numerous construction stages and each stage must be inspected and made sure that all work is done at the highest quality and that no one is cutting corners.

Contract Administration

Contracts with the client are part of all commercial pool construction projects, and it is USA’s job to ensure all of the contract provisions are being met and all parties are satisfied.

Safety Management

Construction sites are filled with potential safety hazards and our experienced managers are aware of these hazards and guard against them.

The Perfect Balance

But above all, our construction management services keep communications with all parties involved in a project and quickly attend to any problems that may arise.  We are well equipped to provide a full range of pre-construction, construction and post construction services.

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