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Aquatic News


Aquatic news that is a short formed newspaper and informational letter. Our SwimShorts generally is described as a periodic publication that is distributed through email to opt-in list of subscribers on a monthly basis. This is a FREE service we offer the aquatic industry. -->
Normally, our SwimShorts utilizes organizations and communities that communicate with a wide range of readers. Some Aquatic News companies even sell their targeted advertisements through their publications. Our Aquatic news (SwimShorts) are known as short written reports issued on a monthly basis. Our articles are usually about an institution, business and other organizations presenting news and information to individuals covering specific aquatic and swimming pool related subjects or topics.
Aquatic News and Branding
Promotion New Product

Promotion of New Product

If you have information or an aquatic product that you would like for USA’s SwimShorts newsletter to “spread the word” to our subscribers and readers all across the country, please email us at swimshorts@usamanagement.com. This is a FREE service we offer the aquatic industry.     -->
USA will help your business market and promote your aquatic product. Establishing support before your products hits the market is an ideal way of ensuring that your product launch will be a success. However, doing this right requires some effort. Make sure to include the following in your information to us: – Unbiased reviews from third parties – Customer testimonials – Actionable steps or call to action

Industry News

Keeping our client base informed about what is going on in the aquatic industry is also another significant use of SwimShorts aquatic news. Being able to link latest aquatic developments into something that our readers can learn from is an added bonus.
Submit your aquatic news that is for informational purposes only and not for the purposes of promoting a product will ensure your message will get published and heard. This is also a FREE platform for providing aquatic news and information so that your communication will be published and read by our readers and – Unbiased reviews from third parties – Customer testimonials – Actionable steps or call to action.
Aquatic Branding

Sales & Coupons

Thinking about how you can increase the sales and exposure of your aquatic product? Well, keeping your product information posted on our aquatic news SwimShorts every month is a great resource for you. This is a FREE service to aquatic professionals for advertising special deals and savings about their aquatic product. -->
This is a good way to encourage our readers and subscribers to share special offers with other clients and engage in effective word of mouth marketing. This will ultimately boost sales and help you broaden your contact base naturally so people will be interested with what you do or offer.

company brand

Aside from promoting sales, offering discounts, announcing your newest products and sharing industry news, our SwimShorts can be used in showcasing what your company does best. This can make our readers more invested and are likely to share your story to others. Additionally, positioning your business in the spotlight helps in also positioning your brand with authority in your industry or field. -->
This benefits both old and new customers. These are just few of the many uses of USA’s SwimShorts and aquatic news can benefit you and the aquatic industry. Once you have a good handle on the things that engage our readers and subscribers you can update your content regularly to drive more visitors into your website.

USA's Aquatic News is called "SwimShorts" Please enjoy some of our past aquatic news articles we have published.


Going Commercial…

Is your aquatic facility going commercial?  Commercial pools aren’t the same as residential ones … so it is not smart to treat them that way.

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pool management

Acid Washing

An acid wash is, put simply, purposeful stripping of a tiny layer of plaster, exposing fresh plaster beneath. Therefore, it is ill-advised to make it

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Safety Check

Safety Check!

Safety Check! You’re not ready for the new season until you complete this risk- management checklist. With everything from hazardous chemicals to heavy equipment, aquatics

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Jacket Required

Jacket Required

Life jacket required.  Over the years, we have experienced a great deal of criticism from guests, and even fellow aquatic managers, for policies requiring life

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Shallow Trouble

Shallow Trouble?

With large aquatics centers and waterparks increasing in popularity — many featuring zero-depth entries, splash pads and more shallow-water attractions — more and more people

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Chipping Away

Chipping Away

Chipping Away We discuss how. Part of the way Crews using a bond coat must perform a partial chip-out. It’s important to remove the plaster

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water safety activities

Safety pool covers

Pool Safety Precautions by Professionals Swimming pool covers come in several different forms, but all of them have one mission in mind: seal your water

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Enzyme myths

Enzyme myths

Role Players: Phosphate reducers and enzymes can be an important part of pool maintenance Enzymes and phosphate-reducing products have been used in the aquatics industry

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Water Safety for Kids

Aquatic Marketing Forces

Aquatic Marketing Forces with traditional media is becoming a dinosaur Billboards, print and broadcast advertising still exist because they work to create brand recognition. But

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