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At USA Management we are proud to have established an “International Program” in the aquatic industry.  For over 15 years we have been providing aquatic jobs for the international community.  This program is for exchange students and the international community abroad. These students and young professionals are excited to bring a variety of their cross-cultural benefits to the aquatic industry.

Like so many programs that USA Management has introduced and established in the pool industry, this too has been duplicated and copied by our competitors in the market place.  We are very humbled that this international program has been a large success for the aquatic industry all across the country.  This program has bolstered the staffing needs by keeping swimming facilities open when local schools and colleges are still in session.  Shortage of lifeguards exist when students are still in school taking classes.  A guest workers program is not only a positive experience for international students and young professionals, they also learn the culture and manners of our lifestyles in the United States.  This is a perfect chance for us in our local communities to learn and participate with well rounded international lifeguards to help grow their diverse culture.

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International Program for Lifeguards

USA’s international program will help you learn and develop some valuable personal skills.  One of the most important personal benefits you achieve from being a successful lifeguard is the satisfaction of knowing that a lifeguard’s actions saves lives.  Another related benefit is the self-confidence built by meeting the many physical and mental challenges of a lifeguards job.

The skills learned and developed through an international program as a lifeguard hold great value.  These values are not only for careers in aquatics or recreation, but for any career or life situation that involves working with others.

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Other benefits of lifeguarding include: