Swimming Pool Marketing

Do you Market your Aquatic Facility?

Failure to market your swimming pool is like having a pool with no WATER

"A swim complex needs to have a marketing budget as well as a aquatic facility marketing plan".
Brooke Mason
Aquatics Director

Experience success at scale

As one of the top pool companies, USA Management will help build a marketing plan to generate revenue for your Aquatic Facility. 

Do you lack a swimming pool marketing plan and marketing dollars?  We come across this predicament far too many times in our line of work.  We either see an older out dated swimming facility that fails to invest in promoting or marketing their pool facility. -->
The direct result of this oversight is continued dwindling budgets as well as shorter operational hours. Or, we also see from time to time brand new aquatic facilities that fail to promote and market their swimming pool complex. The direct result of this mismanagement is very few swimmers and pool goers. This also starts the new operation out on a wrong foot and never seems to build and achieve the importance of a new facility environment. Both of these scenarios leads to lack of events and water activities at their swim sites. Learning how to build a “buzz” within your community about your aquatic facility is a must do when opening and operating your establishment.
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Understand your user experience

Is your aquatic facility in need of repairs? Does it need to be renovated? Is your swimming pool and ancient dinosaur on the brink of being extinct? Do you ever ask yourself the question of….how can our pool compete with the bigger better community or pool companies or aquatic facilities?

remain responsive across your facility


Most likely you are doing a job or maybe volunteering for an organization that has been stuck doing things the same way for years upon years. It’s time for a CHANGE in thinking!

Your aquatic facility is a business and MUST be treated like one. Yes that’s right, you must run your aquatic facility just like a business…and that business is more than just “a job”.  It’s a mindset and a lifestyle,and starting with a swimming pool marketing plan is a good way to build your business.

All aquatic facilities must have a swimming pool marketing, advertising, promoting, fundraising, sponsors and special promotion plan to keep its clientele coming back for repeat business. You might be saying, “Our aquatic facility is here for the community and is an expense/service and cannot generate revenue”, or maybe your saying, “Our members/patrons pay monthly/annual dues and we are happy with that, but we have a hard time affording all the expenses to keep our facility running like we want too”, and you know what….YOUR RIGHT!!  That’s exactly what businesses say when they are going out of business.  It’s time to BREAK THE MOLD!

fall in love with your facility
and its potential

Let’s face it!  We are in the entertainment business.  We compete for consumers’ leisure time and entertainment dollar.  USA Management provides the full range of resources and services you need to help your business succeed.

“But how can we afford it”?

“How much money does it cost for change”?

It all starts with a change in mindset and a clear plan. Being one of the top pool companies, USA Management has been developing these plans for decades.  Let us show you how to take your existing budget & facility and turn it into something that you and your community will be proud to be a part of today.