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Each county or state implements guidelines and health codes when working or doing work with pool service operations.  It is not easy for HOA’s, Country Clubs, Resorts, Water Parks, Hotels and even Municipalities to acquire a permit to operate their aquatic facility.  It takes knowledge, time, work and finances to receive approval from the local or state governing bodies due processes. Each pool facility should first comply and meet the minimum safety standard and health codes prior to operating an aquatic facility.  Having plenty of certified pool providers and pool operator training courses helps the swimming pool industry grow its knowledge.  Every state across the US, has certified providers of training for pool service operations.  Below is a map that will direct you too a local swimming pool service provider.

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Aquatic Facility Operator
An Aquatic Facility Operator (AFO) is a certified national pool service program that is designed for pool operators and administrative staff in aquatic facility operations and pool management.  Their course is a 2-day training course with an exam/test at the end of the course.  Participants are given the AFO training manual before the course.  It is recommended that the manual is read and studied before arriving to the course.  A certification can be achieved once a participant passes the AFO’s passing score of 78% or better.  The examination includes 50 questions. Upon attaining a passing score, pool service providers will be certified for five years.


A Certified Pool Technician
A Certified Pool Technician (CPT), which is offered by the Aquatic Training Institute, is an exclusive online training and a certification program for pool service providers who are responsible for operation of swimming pools and other commercial aquatic facilities. The program is fully accredited and offered online. The course and exam is done 100% online. It can take up to 30 days to complete the course. For those who are not satisfied with the course and the informational training one learns from the course, the course offers a 100% money back guarantee.


The American Lifeguard
The American Lifeguard holds a course that teaches and practices skills necessary for a safe, clean, and proper operation of aquatic facilities. Topics like circulation and filtration systems, water testing, pool water sanitizing and control agents are introduced in their course. The course is also open to everyone who is interested in learning about their local and state ordinances for pool operations. Upon the course completion, a pool service operator will now be able to obtain a permit from the local health department, provided he/she is at least sixteen years of age.


A Certified Pool Operator
A Certified Pool Operator (CPO) is a 2-day course providing training to registered pool service operators that are not yet certified. The Utah Department of Health stands strong to their state requirements prior to pool opening operation. The 2-day training program covers skills like pool chemistry, water treatment, water testing, pool maintenance, pool filtration and automatic chemical feed equipment. Participants that pass the CPO exam obtain their certification which is valid for 5 years. Together with the 2-day class is a handbook produced by the National Swimming Pool Foundation (NSPF). This is a good reference and resource book for both professionals and novices who need to learn the latest updates on codes and laws when speaking about pool service operations.