Are you thinking HALLELUJAH the pool season is over?

pool season is over

Are you thinking HALLELUJAH the pool season is over?  The winter months are very active months for water in pools. The pH and chlorine levels fluctuate and more importantly the alkalinity and calcium levels must stay up. The only way to protect the most expensive area of your pool (THE PLASTER) is to continue to chemically treat your pool water. A new plaster job typically will cost over $20,000 depending on pool size.

SO………DON’T LET YOUR POOL WATER GET GREEN AND UNBALANCED!!!! So many times people think “We’ll just throw a cover over it and see it in the spring” or even worse… “We will just drain our pool and fill it in the spring”.

Draining your pool causes a variety of problems and down falls that will cost you tens of thousands of $$$.  Additionally, facilities that keep water in their pools with or without a Pool Cover need to chemically balanced and treat their water during the winter months so that the water will not feed on your pool plaster all winter long causing premature plaster problems such as SCALING, ETCHING, PITTING, and STAINING!!! If you do not care for your pool in the winter months you will have to drain, acid wash, rebalance, and refill the pool, which typically costs $3000 and up. The safest way to protect your pool is to have USA Management manage your winter program.

Call us today to take advantage of special winter service rate plans prior to September 30

We hope you enjoy the savings and let us take the FREEZE out of your winter months by taking care of your pool. Just contact us today by call us toll free at 877.248.1USA or email us at winterprogram@usamanagement.com and ask for further information.