Updating Your Aquatic Facility?

Aquatic Resort Management

Are you considering updating your Aquatic Facility?  How can you differentiate your old “out dated” pool from the shiny new water park that was built a couple of miles away?  Think about offering community events at your facility?  A family movie night at the pool, a community picnic with a theme are a couple of examples that will help draw interest to your pool.  Think outside the box when looking for ideas.  No, scratch that, there is no box.  Be creative and involve everyone within your staff to come up with ideas.  Generally aquatic staff are younger and can have great insight into what will draw the younger crowd as well as what it keeping them away.

Gone are the days where a basic lap pool is enough to generate the needed revenue to support the cost to operate an aquatic facility or community pool.

It is essential that each facility takes into consideration what their patrons are looking for. What are the current members looking for from your facility? What age groups do you want to target for new memberships? Do you want to make your facility more family oriented, or is there another demographic you are looking to attract?

These are all important questions that you have to ask in search of what will work for your facility. Water features provide a way for you to bring your facility back to life and generate needed additional revenue. First you must review your existing features such as diving boards and slides to evaluate their current usefulness as well as safety concerns. There are a great deal of options that can make your facility more appealing to existing member’s while attracting new membership.

Here are some considerations when looking to add water features to your existing facility.

  • Do you have the available space for your water feature?
  • What footprint will the feature take up?
  • Can your feature be updated to keep it challenging?
  • Cost is certainly a concern but you must consider the return on investment.
  • When should you add the feature to make the biggest impact
  • How are you going to get the word out about your new feature?

We are always talking to our clients about what they are doing to increase the buzz at their facilities. Adding new programs and features seem to be the constant mantra from all of them.

What are you going to do differently to ensure success at your aquatic facility?  Isn’t it time that you think about what you can do to make your facility success?  We would love your feedback on what has worked for you and what has not.